About“Mainland China Region" and "International Silicon Valley Region"

With the growth of RAVVAR users around the world, we will set up a new data center in mainland China so that both Chinese and international users can have faster internet connection and better user experiences of RAVVAR Platform and APP.

The following information has no effect to non mainland China users.

RAVVAR will have two data centers: “Mainland China Region" and "International Silicon Valley Region". Users can select the appropriate data center according to your target market. The two data centers are the same, but the data will not be merged automatically. If you really have this need please contact us. 
We will release a new version of APP supported the function of region selection and auto switching this week.


Use RAVVAR APP, please select the corresponding data center through 【Me】 - 【Regioin】;


Use RAVVAR CMS background, please select the corresponding data center in the login page;

The data center of Mainland China will be set up at Beijing time 2017.10.25 20:00. The data or AR interactions you created before, will be stored in the “International Region" servers and they will be synchronized to the mainland China data center. The users in mainland China need to use our new data center and can continue with their AR creation on it. The specific time we establish it online will be informed in the near future, please stay in touch.

Any white label APP customization or AR projects you want to have please send us your ideas. Sales@ravv.com